Sustainable and Integrated Production Certification


It assures the consumer the cultivation of products according to environmentally friendly and human health-friendly agronomic techniques.


Literally is the National Quality System of Integrated Production; it is a certification of compliance with the EU Quality System for the recognition and identification of quality crop products, which include the control and certification by independently and third parties licensed organizations (OdCs).
It attests the use of production processes carried out in accordance with specific technical standards for each crop and binding phytosanitary guidance (production disciplines), including agronomic and phytosanitary practices and limitations in the choice of plant protection products and the number of treatments.


It provides the adherence to national and regional technical standards, respecting the climatic/environmental, crop and phytosanitary features that characterize the different agricultural areas of Italian territory.
Technical standards indicate intervention criteria, agronomic solutions and the strategies to be adopted for crop protection and weed control, with the purpose of a lesser impact on the human and the environment, allowing for economically viable production.
It involves the adoption of production disciplines (approved by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies, the MIPAAF) and the implementation of a rigorous traceability system.


It provides a double level of control in various stages of production (agricultural, processing, packaging and identification of the finished product), which involves business self-checking, which includes verification of compliance requirements by operators included in the SQNPI for activities carried out at their production sites, and control by OoC (Control Organizations) specifically authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies.