Genuine Olive Oil

Genuine and handcrafted Italian extra virgin olive oil

Our recipe: naturalness, genuineness and craftsmanship

Extra virgin olive oil DOP is a natural product, genuine, not sophisticated and without any additions, completely crafted.

It is 100% produced in Italy and exclusively from olives from the Calabrian plain olive groves and worked to guarantee all phases of the production process.

Cultivation of olive groves is carried out according to agronomic techniques that respect the environment and human health, in defense of crops and with low impact on the environment.

Olives, which are the fruit of the cultivation and the raw material of production, are excellent, harvested at the best ripening time and processed at the highest speed and ideal temperatures to safeguard the quality of the product.

The processes of collecting and extracting the Italian EVO oil are exclusively mechanical, without any use of chemical means or processes.

All stages of the production process are guaranteed and certified also by external control organizations.

You can trust, it is the same oil we use in our meals and with which we feed our children.